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Timeless® brings you the benefits of a 104°F orbital massage and medical grade LED Light Therapy around  your eyes to really get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles. LED light promotes skin cell renewal combined with a relaxing warm massage that stimulates blood flow and rejuvenates the eye orbital.

  "Refresh your eyes!"

  "Get a boost of beauty in the morning!" 




Orbital Massage

Designed to give you targeted results. Timeless® relaxes facial muscles and increases blood flow around the eye orbital. Alleviating conditions caused by orbital fatigue and stress.

✔️ Instant eye strain relief

✔️ Improve blood flow to the orbital

✔️ Minimize wrinkles and fine lines

✔️ Relief from Migraines and Tension headache

✔️ Completely relaxing

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LED Light Therapy

Timeless® infuses LED Light Therapy, boosting your results. Reducing fine lines, bags, and wrinkles.

Red Light reaches skin cells in the deepest layer of the skin. Stimulating collagen and elastin production. Firming and plumping.

Blue Light penetrates the outer layer of the skin. Attacking acne causing bacteria. Speeding up healing and rejuvenation.

Yellow Light absorbs into the dermis layer of the skin. Improving skin cell regeneration and regrowth. Making your skin vibrant and brighter.

Say Good Bye To Crow's Feet!

Infused with LED Light Therapy, Timeless® attacks the signs of aging. Helping the skin accelerate rejuvenation and renewal.


Dramatically reduce the appearance of bags and the effects of eye fatigue with just 20 minute a day. Significantly improve your mood AND how you look!

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