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Cleopatra's Mask

 Warning! We have less than 50 Cleopatra's Masks left at this Special Introductory Price.



Bring the benefits of professional grade  LED Light Therapy into the comfort of your home for a quick boost of beauty anytime you want! Designed to offer the benefits of LED Light Therapy in a safe, convenient, and comfortable mask. Covering the face and neck giving you maximum results. 

Discover the secrets behind Cleopatra's Mask.

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Choose Your Therapy

Purple Light (380-450nm)

Healing Skin | Reduce Appearance Scars

Blue Light (450-495nm)

Acne Breakouts | Anti-Bacterial | Calm Inflamed Acne

Green Light (495-570nm)

Complexion Balance | Minimize Oil Secretion | Boost Radiance and Vitality

Yellow Light (570-650nm)

Flush Skin Toxins | Stimulate Skin Cell Renewal | Brighten Skin

Red Light (650-950nm)

Collagen & Elastin Production | Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Specialized Treatments 690nm

Cyan Light

Cyan therapy help improves the function of the Lymphatic System. The network of organs in the body responsible for removal of dead cellular debris and toxins from the body. Use this therapy to boost the removal of dead skin cells and skin rejuvenation.

White Light

For those that require deep healing, this therapy is the one for you. White LED light stimulate blood vessels to accelerate metabolism of skin tissue. Improving the rate of cell turnover, collagen production, and repair any damage.

Fig.C  Reduced appearance of fine lines after 11-months of LED Light Therapy.

Fig.D  Firmer healthier looking skin after a year of LED Light Therapy.

Fig.E  Reduced Rosacea after 3-months of Red LED Light Therapy.

Fig.F  Reduced Demodex Follicultitis after 7-weeks of Red LED Light Therapy.

Fig. A-B Visibly reduced wrinkles and firm skin after 6-months of LED Light Therapy.

With innovative LED Light Therapy becoming more common in beauty regimens, Cleopatra's Mask by GlasSkin™ will be the best investment for your skincare kit.

Avoid Costly Clinical Treatments

Get a Boost of Beauty in Just 20 Minutes a Day!

✔️  Stimulate Collagen Production

✔️  Reduce Acne Bacteria

✔️  Boost Natural Anti-Aging Properties

✔️  Improve Healing Results

✔️  Reverse Sun Damage

✔️  Detoxify Skin

✔️  Reduce Wrinkles and Lines

Cleopatra's Mask by GlasSkin™ is like having your own professional LED Therapy System at home.

Don't Waste Money On Expensive Clinical Treatments!

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Powered By LED

Cleopatra's Mask is like having your own LED Light Therapy System at home! A one-piece design that covers the face and neck with light intensity selection to personalize your treatments. Innovative and sleek invisible touch-mode buttons. Cordless with protective eye inserts so you can continue on with your busy life. Rechargeable. USB charging cable and storage case included.